Products Conceived and developed

by Healthcare professionals

They were created to improve the out come for the preemie babies,

to relieve their stress levels and to shorten their hospital stays (BETTER FOR THE BABIES),

and were also created with the nurse in mind to make her job easier, her time more efficient

and free her up to take care of charting and teaching (BETTER FOR THE NURSE),

they are the most cost effective products on the market today and they diminish the need

for nurses to alter products increasing hospital liabilities (BETTER FOR THE NICU). 

Let us show you how your unit can impliment developmental care

and save your hospital money with all of our products. 

Call our office or contact your local distributors office.

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22A  Preemie Beary Small Diaper 22B  Small Newborn Beary Small Diaper 22C  Ultra Preemie Beary Small Diaper

Fits 1.5 - 2.5 Lbs

800-1300 gms.


Fits 2.5 to 4 Lbs.

1300-1600 gms.


Fits less than 1.5 Lbs

less than 800 gms.



As you probably already know, we have the smallest preemie developmental diaper in the world.

The cost of this preemie diaper is a bit more than some hospitals can afford

but here at Small Beginnings where providing for these tiny patients is our biggest concern,

we have introduced the Beary Small Economical Preemie Diaper. 

These diapers have a smaller pad than most available diapers to help maintain proper developmental positioning. 

They have gel to help absorb the urine, they also have hook and loop fasteners rather than tape. 



Cuddle-Buns Preemie Diapers 

The best preemie diaper, awesome!  The original figure 8 pad shape. 

They meet every need we were told you wanted. 

It is cloth like, there is no plastic or tape to stick to fragil skin and cause abrasions

and stress.  They are made to fit your tiny infant, the crotch will fit between

your index and middle finger without pressure and it has no gel

and will not swell with moisture and will not abduct the hips and legs. 

They have a double elastic at the legs to diminish leakage, 21C holds 30 CCs of urine

and 21A holds 50 CCs without gel--our diapers meet the green requirements. 

You can get a urine specimen without difficulty.

There is an umbilical cut out for the umbilicus and the umbilical lines.

These diapers have a hook and loop closing

this allows for a doctors exam or to check for urine

and then can be reclosed without wasting the diaper. 

21A Preemie (Approx. 2-4 lbs -- 1300-2000 gms)

21B Small Newborn (Approx. 4 + lbs -- 2000 + gms)

21C Ultra Preemie (Approx. less 2 - Lbs -- less 1300 - gms)



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